Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja ; Bad Emperor, persecution and torment the villagers. Soldiers sent to the village and took prisoner under catch those who oppose him. Of course there is also a hero to save the villagers. Yes, it's you shadow ninja. You can quickly and invisibly in the dark ninjas advancing our control with the arrow keys. Against the emperor proceeded to ask them to come to pass should appear and you must dodge. The second one makes you completely invisible to other different stone allows you to go at the speed of light in places difficult to be skipped by pressing the spacebar. According to the color of the stones until you get these features, you can press X or spacebar. How can we save the prisoners under peasants. Our press from us when we went to the peasants before the time expires in it we press the desired key can save the villagers. If you press the wrong key is to Oluç our villagers. All human life is in your hands. Good luck.
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  • Added : 26.03.2015