Hobo in Heaven
Hobo in Heaven ; Hobo in Heaven with 7th game that will see the dirty version of the hero, Hobo fight. Hobo fighter was no love in wonderland because it is one filthy. Piss on everyone to the Excluded against various debris and will beat Hobo will poison them. After each level you pass the new attack will occur, and this game will show you the keys. Stronger than the complex attacks on your face no one will be able to move fighters. When you get to the last level of the game will hit the keyboard just like crazy trying to use a very complicated key combinations. Although this may seem like heaven passing game is a fighting game made for entertainment purposes as a caricature. Maybe in the last game of the Hobo game except for the fact that many of the world will be totally imagine this. Have a good time
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  • Added : 26.03.2015